Friday, February 11, 2011

A new blog??

I stared a book blog...

I don't know who I feel about it. I love reading and I thought it would be a good way to document things I've read and pass them along to friends who are looking for some good books...

What do you think?

The hard thing is sometimes I'm a fast reader and will read like 2-3 books in a week if Max is sleeping really well, but then sometimes I will only get like 2 done in a month so it might be a slow blog?

Here is the link, tell me what you think? Maybe it could be a collaborative blog where other people post books they are reading. I think its something fun and different.

Happy Friday. Mine is full of laundry and a cranky baby Max.


  1. It must be cranky baby Friday! I am also doing laundry, but am slowing down when it comes to the rest ot the chores....must....get...motivated.....must... coke!

  2. do you have a goodreads account? if you dont you should make one and add me. its a way to mark every book you've read, rate them for friends, add books to your to-read list etc. i like it a lot. (its just

  3. I do have a good reads account, I don't update it too much though, Im trying :) I will find you!