Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dinner tonight...and a explosion of emotions on the side

I haven't gone grocery shopping for almost three weeks. But we haven't really even eaten out I've just used everything we've had stocked up. Tonight I used the last ground beef and made some simple stroganoff Its easy fast and cheap just what I am.

1 lb ground beef cooked and drained
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/4 pepper
1 small onion chopped
3/4 cup sour cream

cook the ground beef with the chopped onion. Add the soup and salt/pepper and let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add the sour cream right before you serve. I put it over rice and I added ALOT more pepper because I love pepper. Hope you like it.

In other news. I read an article in an ABA journal about disgruntled law grads and not getting jobs. I freaked OUT. Seriously I am struggling with the debt we are getting into and the fact that who knows if there will be a job for us in the end. I like to joke about it but in the end its a day to day worry. Its overwhelming when you look at the numbers and we are totally living within our means...we are in a crap apartment and have one car...we stretch everything if we can.

Does anyone else feel like...what is the point?? What is the point of pursuing higher education if your not going to make the money to pay it off...{I know, I know in the end it's always worth it} but really is it?? Larry keeps saying what are we going to do we have to just progress on, move forward, continue to live blabla.

Really though I'm opening it all up to you guys...I'm scared to death we are not going to make it, and we will be homeless and in ALOT of debt. I'm worried I am going to have to work{for the record its okay I just want to be home with max} and I'm worried Larry will snap one day from the is a family and a marriage suppose to survive all this? Larry has the faith Heavenly Father will pull through...I'm a little unsure. {Maybe its me dragging down those blessings} Does anyone else feel this way?

I've seen so many families that have gone before us, survived, conquered family/graduate school and have beautiful homes and happy lives. I wonder though if we will be as blessed or if I should have never used them as examples to make such crazy decisions in our lives. I mean really sometimes things just DON'T work out....will that be us? Anyone else think these things daily? Probably just me...a law school students wife currently drowning in self doubt.


  1. My Dear Cousin, I am writing a comment to this post. I will email it to you. Look forward to it. I hope it will contain some good advise. I love you.

  2. oh honey I'm sorry! do something fun, just for YOU today, hopefully that will help!

  3. What I have learned from 26 years of marriage and life. Childhood is deceiving, it is never what you expected, you are a better person for going through it, life is always better then we perceive. And last but not least---It could always be worse. Words of Hope is what you need---hmmm....The Lord loves you and is mindful of your worries, (isn't that how you feel about MAX?) There is lots and lots of peace in the scriptures. Go there if only for the peace. It is reassuring. I'll stop. Love you ***

  4. Hi friend---I had those same thoughts all through grad school. I was never the best or the brightest, and I knew I wouldn't be at the top of the charts when it came to certain jobs. But I am happy where I am now and where I can end up going. One thing that helped me is thinking of that time of life more of a "growing in" process instead of a end goal process. You might not have Larry get an amazing job right out of school, but I know he will get a job, which will lead to another job, and more opportunities.

    ANother thing that will me so we can watch some really bad TV! :)

  5. AM. Read the quote at the bottom of your blog. it is perfect for this. seriously... long-suffering? that is no lie. i love you. stay strong. and if all else fails, just pretend everything is great and maybe someday you'll actually convince yourself :) have fun in EDH this weekend. *JEALOUS!*