Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is if Friday Yet?

Red/White Pasta

1 bottle Alfredo Sauce
1 can diced tomatoes (I get the Italian flavored ones)
2-4 chicken breasts cubed or cut into cubes or just strips whatever you want
3 cups of cooked pasta (I use penne)

Cook the chicken then add the Alfredo sauce and the diced tomatoes undrained. Add the cooked pasta and incorporate into the sauce then eat! Super easy.


I am also thinking of making these for valentines day for friends in the ward. They look so good.

I am spray painting today things for Max's Room its a mixture of things room so I am trying to incorporate it all somehow.

I am ready for the weekend. Husband has been gone far to long this week and has been eating with us and then goes back to studying...seriously baby and I are going stir crazy.

Hope everyone has a great day enjoy the food.

Oh P.S...I got this to put on our wall...Don't you love?

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  1. what a yummy treat! and I love the wall cutout- post pictures of Max's rooms soon!