Saturday, February 19, 2011

And Then He Turned 8 Months

My Max is 8 entire months old.

I'm feeling a little sad about it...he is getting so big and I am missing my tiny baby.

He weighs 20 Pounds and is 27 Inches {Both 50%}

He crawls, stand up in his crib, and has 2 bottom teeth and 2 tiny top teeth. He can say "Dada" and loves to eat vegetables and anything we are eating. He loves Larry more then he Loves me...I mean the kid LOVES his dad. He shrieks with delight when we pick him up from school and loves getting tossed up in the air. I can't believe how fast he is at moving. He is into everything and is everywhere. He loves to eat paper and dig in the garbage while I am not looking. He loves to kick his legs like a wild man and stick his tongue out all day long.

I Love him. He is Amazing.

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