Monday, February 14, 2011

The day of Romance??

I think NOT

Today was A DAY. You know what I mean? Those days where you are like...OH MY H**** today might be the day I die??

No Romance for me...nope not at all.

Weeks back I didn't even think about what I was scheduling on the 14th of February. But you's truly scheduled shots for the baby and a trip to the DMV all in one stuffed day full of screaming baby, car rides, sore chubby thighs {max's not mine} and long waits in line at the DMV, which I am now considering it should be called the inner circle of hell...seriously.

TO all you Lovers out there...congrats on your day, in the Harris household we are nonlovers and losers and have sore chubby thighs tonight.


  1. Oh, AnnMarie your blog cracks me up...I miss you tons!!! I hope Larry makes your Valentine's Day better :) Love You girl!!

  2. vday isn't that awesome. i agree!

  3. Matt had to work last night. We always say it's a made up holiday. If it was a real holiday, everything would be closed. I love you and your chubby thighs.