Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Previously On Downton...

Guys, are you just loving this season of Downton? So many questions...like who the heck is Mary going to end up with?? Personally I think she should totally Marry Charles Blake he is so much hotter then that other guy. I look forward to this show every Sunday. Larry is the best husband he takes the kids puts them to bed, and we watch this show together drinking diet coke and make all sorts of awesome (to us) commentary. I love it all and can't wait to see what happens the next few episodes. What do you guys think?? Think it will end with WWII starting?? Think a Nazi will make an appearance? Will there be another spotting of the prince? Also is Mrs. Crawly going to marry that man? I'm dying! The other night I told Larry I totally would have loved to live this life, be a lady live in a huge castle. He told me with my luck I would have been a kitchen maid, a hot kitchen maid, but a maid none the less!!

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