Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Harris Family Goals 2015

This year I am making a BIG push to better document our family. I feel so bad these last 18 months or so are not as fully documented as I had wished. I am going to get back at it and make it a priority!! We had an FHE 2 weeks back or so about GOALS!! We are trying hard to establish that early on in our kids lives. I think having short-term and long-term goals helps you keep prospective of whats really important and helps you grow and learn things as a person.

So here is our family and some individual goals for the year!!

  • Weekly FHE! 
  • Nightly family prayer, kneeling down together. 
  • Better at sharing toys. 
  • Max learn to read, more reverent during prayers, and riding a bike without training wheels. 
  • Noah get potty trained!! Start learning ABC's and not destroying things as much!! 
  • OBEY quickly. 
  • Larry take and pass California BAR! 
  • AnnMarie better documenting, practice more patience, and letting go of a perfectly clean home! 
  • At least ONE family vacation! 
  • Scout start sleeping thru the night, learn to sit up, crawl, and eat more solids. 
  • Show more Kindness. 
  • Attend the temple monthly (Larry & AM) 
  • Forgive faster. 
  • Clean up your own messes, especially toys. 

One other thing I have been doing is keeping a written journal for each one of the kids. I write in it every few days about what they are doing individual, and let them know how much I love them, and how hard I am trying to be the best mom I can be to them. I hope years from now they know I tried so hard to give them the best life. I hope they know how loved they are by their mom and dad and that I want to remember everything because it does go to to fast, it's hard to imagine them growing up but I know that just these last few years have flown by and I need to soak it all up, and write and type as fast as I can!!

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