Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scout Elizabeth - 6 months old!!

My Sweet Scout is 6 months old! She has turned into the most sweetest, lovely baby ever. 

 6 months is a magical time for babies! Scout is sitting up, smiling, interacting but she isn't moving yet! She rolls around and kinda scoots tries to army crawl but her little arms can't hold her weight yet. She laughs a a lot and loves to be held. She is also particular and I am her favorite. If I walk into the room and don't pick her up or don't giver her any attention she starts to scream for me. She's even starting to life her arms up to be picked up. She loves her dad too, Larry can really get her to laugh. 

Her brothers also adore her and are protective of her, but they aren't all over her which is nice. If Max is playing in the playroom I can set Scout down, he likes to have her there and he will talk to her and give her toys. Noah did try to pick her up out of her cradle awhile back, the poor girl was being held by her neck and semi dragged towards me. He was trying to help. She is a very good napper and started sleeping thru the night about 2 weeks ago!! I can't tell you how amazing it is, Im hoping it lasts. 

Scout weights 17 pounds from her last check up. She is perfectly healthy and happy. She has the sweetest spirit and has brought so much love to our family. I love to just look at her, she is beautiful. She has beautiful dark blue eyes and perfect skin. I'm hoping her little bald head gets some more hair on it soon! She is so fun to dress as well, It takes lots of self control to not buy everything for her. 

She has NO teeth, which is a first for our kids. I am praying she is a better teether then Noah!! She is a very heavy breather, she could never sneak up on you!! :) She loves to give open mouth kisses and stuck on everything in sight. She loves to lay or sit on her blanket and be surrounded by toys to grab and play with.  

Over the last 2 days she hasn't nursed so I am thinking that she is slowly and sadly done with that. It was so great to be able to sit in quite and nurse her to sleep, to feed her, and to comfort her. It is an amazing thing and makes me have such a sweet bond with her. She was getting very wiggly and detracted though, and would always come off and on and it was hard to get any good feedings in. She will finally take a bottle from me and has grown like a weed since we started supplementing. She really hates baby food though, so we are just giving her little things here and there and taking it a day at a time, 

I am excited to see how her personality develops, and how her relationship with her brothers grows. She is one sweet and loved baby girl. I feel so lucky to be her mother and I hope we can give her the best life possible! 

6 months in some ways has flown by, Scout had been a very hard and fussy baby at first. Those first 4 months were a blur of constant crying, feeding, and more crying on top of 2 other kids. I was drowning but she sees to have moved out of the colic and into an amazing stage!  

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