Thursday, January 22, 2015

A simple January Day

Today was really a simple day. The boys were up by 5:30 am which really isn't normal but happens enough not to be too surprised. They played in the playroom while I tried to sleep until, larrys alarm when off at 6:30. Max went off to preschool and I put scout down for a nap. Noah and I played around, cleaned up, made beds, and watched some shows till it was time to get max. Noah fell asleep in the car ride to get max and took a nice long afternoon nap. AJ and oliver, the boys cousins came over to play for a few hours. Scout woke up and played along with them. She's learning to sit up which is so awesome she loves to sit and watch the world around her. I made dinner and grandpa set the table like he does every night. I got max ready for bed and my mom took Noah on an errand which always helps because he goes to bed later due to his nap. I had scout play on the floor in grandpa Drapers room while I lay with max. He loves someone to lay by him while he falls alsleep. Some nights I don't mind laying there listening to him tell me about crazy things but sometimes I feel rushed and uptight and so ready for him to go to bed, tonight it was calm and he slowly drifted away. He is so sweet. I then was able to get scout to sleep, she is so good and only cries for a few minutes then I hear her soft heavy breathing and she is out. She is such a blessing in my life. Noah came home and played around for another hour running around naked soaking up being the only one awake.noh man that boy is something else, how I love him fearsly but also can be steaming mad at him. He lay on my bed while I got him into his Jammies. I hope all my kids always feel safe and comfortable coming and laying on my bed. I took him into his room where he sleeps with max on the bottom bunk bed. Those two curled up together in bed is a sight to see. I laid on the foot of the bed while Noah told me he loved me over and over he always does that as he is drifting away. I laid there thinking about how I need to come write down this day and saying a sweet prayer, thanking my Heavenly Father for these sweet children. I want to remember this simple day and how at the end of it I felt so much love for my kids and so grateful to be a mom. I don't want to forget these days when I know that this is what I am suppose to be doing, because there are dark days where all I want to do is go hide in the bathroom for 2 seconds of peace and quite. There are days when just getting up and keeping my kids alive is a true effort and on those days I need to remember this simple day in January to keep me going and keep me continuing to do better.

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