Friday, January 23, 2015

Max Joseph Harris 4 1/2 years old.


Here is an update on my sweet Max...

Max is 4 1/2 years old. He is going to preschool 3 times a week for half days and LOVES it! He has lots of friends, loves to play, is learning his letters, and learning to write. He has come a long way from a boy who never wanted to be away from me, to confidently leaving every morning to go to school! He always says "Bye mom" and walks right out the door. I'm so proud!

He is in CTR-4 at church and loves going to primary. He loves his friends at church and has become quite the singer. He loves to sing the primary songs, I can often here him through out the house singing "Follow the Prophet" It is his favorite. One day he was asking his grandma who the last prophet was...she said President Monson, and Max quickly said he is the winner because he's the last one! He then demanded that he needed his own verse in the song and they made one up together. He did SO good in his first primary program, was so clean and confident over the pulpit, and has said 2 talks in primary. He is also becoming very good at saying prayers.

Max LOVES to play outside. He loves to run around at the park, climb trees, and rocks. I can often find him outside in our backyard climbing on the rocks (noah right behind him) playing some sort of make believe game. He has such a great imagination! He goes on hikes with my mom out into the area we live in there is lots of different trees and places for them to explore. They have a tree they call the bucking bronco that he likes to hike to.

He is WAY into ninjas, fighting, and swords. Most days he is never not holding some sort of weapon. He loves to stick swords down the back of his shirt, often when we go places like the grocery store. He is all about ninjas and likes to play with Noah ninja games. During christmas I got him new santa jammies, and the second he put them on he came down stairs and declared he was a Santa Ninja! To say we have a big arsenal of weapons is an understatement.

He is a good big brother. He is very protective of Noah and Scout. He loves to give scout kisses, and rubs her little head. He gets super protective of Noah. The other day Noah said a bad word so I put soap in his mouth, Max was so worried and was screaming and crying for me not to do it to Noah. It's kinda a crack up how emotional he gets when Noah gets into trouble.

Max also LOVES LOVES legos!! This boy will do anything for a lego. At first he loved the ninjago lego mini figures because they were ninjas but now it's anything lego. He loves to sit and play for hours with them. He will make little guys, and give them all sorts of weapons and play so well. It is the best during nap time in the late afternoon when the 2 babies are sleeping Max will sit in the playroom and dig around the legos making things and coming to show me them!! He makes all sorts of story lines, and names for them, he is getting more creative as the months go by.

We still are trying to learn to be a better sharer as well as not interrupting mom so much. Max can be a bit demanding when he says MOM MOM MOM over and over while Im busy doing something else. He wants constant attention when he is trying to tell you something, and sometimes gets really emotional if your not looking directly at him, that can be hard while trying to take care of other kids, make dinner, or clean. We are working on that and obeying quickly. He is still very particular about is food and still needs everything individually spaces so nothing touches. He has mellowed a bit when it comes to walking on grass, wood or sand barefoot but is still particular about things he wears or how it feels on him. He likes things a very certain way and I am usually happy to oblige or already prepared for him but sometimes it does drive me nuts!

For example: Max loves pizza from costco but he doesn't like pepperoni but he doesn't want just cheese pizza he wants pepperoni pizza and then for me to take off all the pepperonis and cut it all up! You'd think I could just sneak getting him a cheese and cut it up before he saw, but NOPE he wants to check I got the right one before I cut it up!! I've learned to roll with it. Also one day Larry bought him a churro then broke it in half to give to Noah...I had warned him Max wouldn't like it but Larry said he wouldn't know the difference, wrong! Max saw the churro said it was broke then began to cry uncontrollably. There is no tricking him!!

Max is so smart, and knows all his letters and sounds. We are working on trying to know them instantly so that he can start to sound out words. Our goal is to get him starting to read by the summer whee he turns 5! He is looking forward to going to pre-k 5 days a week in the fall!!

One other thing about Max is that he is a really good swimmer. Over the summer he started to swim really well with his puddle jumpers. Once he felt confident in the water and started to even put his head under, which he use to never do, he finally decided to learn how to swim! That boy caught on so quickly, every day he got better and better. Now he can swim all over the pool, jumps in, and even does flips! It's amazing to see how he is hitting all these developmental milestones.

I love being Max's mom. He has taught me so much over these last years. I never know the bond or love that you could have to someone before I had him. He is amazing. I love being able to hug him, give him kisses, take care of him, feed him, and hear everything he wants to say to me. I can't wait to see how he grows up even though it kills me to see it. He is full of energy, and has such a bright spirit!

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