Monday, January 26, 2015

Noah Dean Harris 2 years and 10 months old!

Oh my sweet Noah. Where do  I begin?? Currently at this phase of life a few words that come to mind to describe this blonde haired brown eyed boy are....


Noah is everywhere. He is so your typical 2 year old but maybe 100 times worse then you are thinking. He is constantly moving, well running, and running away from you. He is playful and joyful but OH SO much work!! Every time it gets a tiny bit quite my heart skips a beat in panic and I will say "Where is Noah?" We have had so many times where he has run off and we can't find him because he is hiding from you, or just to far away to hear me yelling for him to come back. 

Noah loves to be chased, wrestled, and tackled. He likes to play rough and loves to be in the thick of it all. He loves to play with Max and you can always find him following him along copying whatever Max is doing or saying. That being said, Noah can take Max down whenever he wants, he knows just how to push his older brothers buttons!! He is a stinker and he knows it! 

Noah has an infectious laugh and smile. He still has that big toothy grin that is so dang cute that even when he is being naughty its hard not to laugh at him or smile back, which he loves! Sometimes when he is doing something particularly naughty and your looking at him telling him to stop he will blink his eyes in a funny way, almost like batting his eyelashes, which are long and beautiful might I add. Its hard not to laugh, he is irresistibly cute! 

Noah loves to be read to. Usually if he is mad about something or needs to be distracted you can get him to sit down and read some books. He will sit for a long time reading books and gets mad if you get distracted...he'll yell "TALK TALK" and hit the book until you start again. He loves the Olivia books, any type of flap book, and this one book called "Where's the cake" that has no words just a story with pictures that he will sit and point out all the different things in it. He loves going to the Library and picking out new books. My mom will take him lots of times in the evening while Im trying to get the other kids to bed, because Noah goes to be at a different time.

Speaking of SLEEP, Noah has been a bit difficult in that area. He is a great sleeper, it's just that he is in the phase of still needed good naps, but then if he naps he is up till 10, 11, or even midnight if he's in the mood! He has been taking 3 hour naps for a long time and if he doesn't get a nap he will tend to fall asleep in his high chair during dinner! It is a rough balance because he is a monster without a nap but then most nights I need a break and don't want him up with me. Some days are better then others but for a while I just took full advantage of the nap then planned to just play with him alone with Max went to bed. He finally learned to climb out of his pack-in-play about 2 months was a sad day indeed! He now sleeps in the bottom bunk with Max. Its pretty funny actually but they seem to be doing well and like the cuddling together. He still sneaks into our room a few days a week and sleeps between Larry and I. Some days i notice because I can hear his pitter patter of the running feet down the hall and some mornings I wake up with a snoring Noah right next to my face :)

Noah is a really good eater when he wants to be. I usually can get an egg down him, cheese, turkey, pasta, yogurt, and he LOVES his bottle and pacifier...something we need to get rid of soon. He can be bribed really well with Cheetos or any other type of chip. He likes all types of things and is more willing to try food then any other kid.

Noah misses Max when he goes to preschool but we have a good routine down and get some alone time with scout in tow. We go to target together a lot or run other errands. Noah loves to watch Frozen and eat popcorn in the shopping cart and talks to me about Elsa and Olaf. He freezes me with his hand and sips on my diet coke. That boy has it good!

He loves to play hide and seek and will hide under peoples covers especially under the fitted sheet. He thinks it is SO funny to be found. He is very ticklish under his armpits and has a tendency to take all his clothes off and run around naked multiple times a day. He always tells me his clothes are "TOO TIGHT" in a very whiny voice.  There are days when I dress him then walk out of a room and not more then 2 minutes later he has stripped down naked.

One afternoon I was putting Scout down for her nap. It took me about 10 minutes to help her then I came out to a huge mess that Noah has made. He has taken some styrofoam inserts that were on a bookcase and decided to completely destroy them making a HUGE white mess everywhere. I came out to fine him completely naked making snow angels with the white fluff. It was ALL over my house. I took a picture and sent it to Larry and the to my mom. She texted me back saying "please don't kill noah."

I love this little boy fiercely but sometimes its hard to balance the love with the frustration. Its hard to not get mad or irritated when he is continually on the go. I have to take deep breaths, remember this won't last long and just hug and kiss him a lot! And write down the good days so when I do want to kill him I will remember he is really cute and sweet.

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