Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scout and Grandpa

We have such a unique living situation. Sometimes I love it, other times not so much. One of the best things about living in a multi-generational home is that your kids get lots of love from different people. Great Grandpa will chase the boys around and draw them funny pictures, my dad (their grandpa) will be "The Claw" or do a magic trick for them. My mom is their second mother and can take care of their needs just as well as me. It is a comfort to know that is anything awful happened to me they would still be looked after and loved greatly. Larry is gone a lot and most of the child rearing has been placed on me. Sometimes he doesn't see the kids for days at a time because of his schedule so it is an amazing blessing to have all this help. I also feel like I have amazing friends and people in the ward that love my kids and are always willing to help me out! I love this picture of my dad and Scout. When I am busy I will plop scout down by him while he reads the paper so this such a typical scene! Love that girl of mine! 


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