Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Weather, In February!

We are pretty spoiled here in California with such beautiful spring weather. I know we need rain and water but I try to soak up every nice day before it gets hot come spring and summer. We took the afternoon to play at the park, which we normally do a few times a week already. We typically meet a group of other moms and swarm the park with our many children! Today I pushed Scout forever in the swing, she loved going back and forth her little feet kicking while she squealed with delight. She is pure gold, this girl. Noah LOVES swings, sometimes I find parks without them because he would sit in that bucket for an hour getting under-dog after under-dog if he has his way! Max is also getting good at swinging in the big kid chair, although he still loves to sit in the baby seat. On days like these I always realize how blessed I am. I have 3 healthy beautiful children who are smart, active, and are developing normally. We have tired, challenging, grumpy, days but when the weather is beautiful and everyone is happy I am totally content pushing these guys on the swing, nothing is more important in my life right now. 



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