Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day Hike

I love valentines day! The colors, the hearts, the candy, the love!! I grew up in a very non affectionate family, so when we started ours I made it a goal to be very affectionate! We hug, we kiss a lot, and say I love you a million times a day. I want my children to KNOW they are loved, and to feel it and see it. I could get all mushy on you, but I'll refrain.

Max wanted to take a hike so we obliged! He usually goes every Sunday after church with my mom on an adventure aka hike. She loves taking him and Noah out to explore. She is so great with them and they love going out with her. They go all around our neighborhood (which is all under new house construction) to the place the call the trenches, to the sand pits, to the tree they call the Bucking Bronco!

This tree known as the Bucking Bronco is a huge tree that is big and old and has tons of different branches you can climb all over is near our house and a favorite of Max's. Larry and I had never seen it so, my mom and the boys with Scout on my back ventured out to see it!

Max was so excited the whole time telling us all about it and leading the way. He lights up when we do anything with him and he kept saying how much he loved our family valentines day hike. He says family in the cutest way, I better record if before he starts saying if correctly he adds and R to it so it sounds like framily.

We hiked around and the boys climbed all over the tree telling us stories about pirates and bad guys. We picked up some cool sticks along the way. We went to the top of the hill where we saw a huge herd of cows grazing. Larry wanted to get closer but I being a scaredy cat of bigger animals then me wanted to turn right around. Max and my mom got close to the cows and Noah kept yelling hey cows, hey cows through his pacifier filled mouth!

It was a beautiful warm day and we even snapped a few pictures! The boys got some tiny little gifts that morning which they were of course surprised and so excited about! I love doing simple gestures that make them feel loved and special. My sweet grandpa even got me some chocolate and drew a big heart in Dean Draper fashion. I love my imperfect family so much and love that there is a day we can recognize what a blessing it is!

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