Friday, March 16, 2012

Whats the best thing to get right before you give birth??

Oh thats right a UTI!
I woke up at 4 am on Thursday with strong sporadic contractions. I decided to take a shower, get ready, and then decided if I wanted to go to L&D. The contractions stopped and I went on with my day then later that night they were back but along with it came that know the feeling of having to pee one billion times with no liquid there. I proceeded to go to sleep and woke up around 5 am with strong contractions and felt like maybe my water had broken...I decided to call my dr. around 8:00am and slightly mentioned the peeing problem. Sure enough after a long morning at the office {poor Larry I made him miss work and come with me) it was decided that my water was still intact but I indeed did have a UTI. I was checked dilated at a 4 and was put on antibiotics and sent on my marry way with a follow up for Monday which hopefully I have the baby by then or we will be scheduling my induction :) Either way I am so exhausted and ready for this little guy to come because waking up at all hours of the night with a sweet newborn is 100 times better then having a UTI. Such an awesome day. The best part of the morning was my dr. going through the steps of how to catch/deliver the baby if Larry needed to do it haha his face was pretty classic.

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  1. aaaahhh that sucks!! best wishes with the delivery! Tell me what it's like to have two cause I still think it is the weirdest thing to imagine...can't get used to the idea of loving two little ones that much!!!