Monday, March 19, 2012

21 Month Old Max

{Don't mind the blurry pics, story of my life with him}

Loves To:
Run, jump, skip, hop, gallop
Be outside always
Jump in his crib for a solid hour sometimes
Take baths
Play in and with water
Play with ALL balls, or things that look like balls
Help mom fill the dishwasher,put the soap in, and turn it on
Unfold clean laundry
Climb anything
Scream loud
Watch Curious George
Play on his slide
Run outside in the dark
Go on walks with mom
Peal oranges
Chase turkeys that come in the backyard
Give his baby dolls kisses
Destroy the kitchen while I cook

Hates To:
Be told no
Brush his teeth
Hold still for more then one second
Get his nose wiped
Have no one to play with
Be left behind when someone is going somewhere
Come inside after playing outside all day
Eat his vegetables
Have help doing anything
Get out of the bath
Get dressed

At 21 months Max is such a toddler boy its pretty awesome. He is a busy little thing that is non stop from sun up till sun down. Thank goodness he still takes a long afternoon nap to rest and recuperate from all his wildness of the morning and to gain more energy for the afternoon play. He is smart and watchful and will try to do everything you do like turn on the stove when mom is going to the bathroom. {yes this happened, and no I never go to the bathroom alone anymore} He loves to play rough, be tossed around and he is so independent. He says no to me way to many times a day and pushes me away when I try to help him. He can play with puzzles pretty well, open & shut doors, move chairs, climb almost anything and is pretty fearless. Everyday is a race chasing after him, playing with him, and trying to teach and discipline him. I get exhausted just thinking about it sometimes. He is amazing and I love to watch him grow and learn. He has recently started to say more and more words that I can actually understand, and has taken a big interest in different animals we see on our walks. Being his mom is pretty great.

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