Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Its been rainy the last couple days and we are going stir crazy around here. Yesterday I got so desperate for our usual long walks that I went to the mall with my mom and walked up and down the mall pushing Max in his stroller for an was a good workout and we didn't stop once to look at anything. The workers must of thought we were crazy. Its pretty hard to be cramped up in the house all day especially when you are use to sending your very busy toddler out side to run and jump and play. Max did manage to escape for a little while and run outside in his socks which he loved, and ended up getting 2 baths. I am going nuts cooped up but feel like I can't go anywhere because I could go into labor at any moment. I hate having zero control over this especially because I am such a control freak. I have hard contractions for about and hour and then they vanish its frustrating and a little un-nerving when you alone all day with a toddler. Anyways lets hope to some sunnier days a head and hopefully this waiting game will be over soon enough, cross your fingers for me!

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  1. That's awesome. Grandpa goes to the mall and walks when the weather is bad, too. I couldn't do it alone, so it's good your mom went with you. Hopefully the baby will come and it will just be sunshine and daisies... with a few dark circles and screaming on the side... ;) love you. can't wait to meet the little guy.