Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybe an overload of Max?

Yesterday was a beautiful day so naturally we spent most of it outside playing with all of Max's balls. It was so sunny I even got sunburnt. For some reason I applied a hefty amount of sunscreen on Max's face but didn't think twice about mine, bad move. Anyways I tried to snap some pictures of Max and he totally knew I was trying to so he refused to look at me. Its so funny how such a little person can develop certain attributes in his personality at such a young age. He played ball for a good 2 hours. I keep thinking good thing he is getting a little brother that can be his new ball boy eventually because I get balled out after about an hour of it. I do love though that he is easily entertained and that he loves being outside, it's a good quality instead of wanting to watch TV, plus we can't waste the beautiful California sunshine being inside...right!
Don't you just love that he is wearing no pants and those salt water sandals are to die for? I could seriously eat his cute little feet up. And don't worry my child usually wears pants they had just gotten really wet from playing in buckets of water earlier and he insisted they be taken off. Can't you just imagine me trying to get him to look at the camera and he is consciously ignoring me? So great right?

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