Thursday, March 1, 2012

25 years Old.

I turned 25 years old on Sunday. It seems pretty old, or I feel pretty old with these creaky sore hips of mine, and having a hard time going up the stairs 50 times a day. Anyways we had a really low key day of church and then had the Martins over for dinner. Pretty successful dinner with 7 kinds in attendance. I kept telling Larry I didn't want anything because I only want clothes for when I am back to pre pregnancy weight/body, but I did get a new pamper chef baking stone and some cute plates for summer days. Overall 25 is not too bad, it seems so old because I was 23 when I had Max and that seems like ages ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday, time really does fly. Anyway everyone made me feel really special and and heres to hoping this year goes by a bit slower then last.

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