Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hanging At The Hospital.

We are on a mini vacation staying at the hospital. We had never left Max for the night and I have really never left him for more then a few hours to its been a nice little break from the madness of chasing a toddler. Larry and I have had lots of time to hang out watch movies and Larry keeps bringing me whatever food I want. I love spending time with him, we even sleep in the hospital bed together...maybe I should just keep having babies to get this alone time together :)

Noah is so sweet and little and I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of love I already have for him. He has soft pink/yellow {thanks jaundice} skin and dark brown hair. He makes little old man scowls and we can't really tell what color his eyes are, they are pretty dark so I am sure they will be brown like Larry's. He is a great little nurser when he decided to actually wake up and eat and has the longest fingers and toes. He has some jaundice issues but with some supplement and nursing we are hoping he will poop and pee really good and won't have to go under the lights..we shall see. Apparently really small babies that are less active in utero tend to get jaundice as well as genetics so he is following in Max's footsteps.

I am pretty nervous to go home and to take care of two babies. Max is such a little tornado I am nervous that he will hurt the baby and that I won't be able to take care of both of them the way they deserve. I know the only saving grace is that my mom is with me and I know that she will be able to give Max the love and attention he needs until I can get everyone on a good schedule. Larry has been in heaven with a couple days off. He had to go take a quiz the night Noah was born and went to the office for a couple hours this morning but overall he has gotten a little break and been able to bond with Noah. He is such a great dad and I am so in love with him, and so glad we are in this together!

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  1. little Noah is adorable. So cute and cuddly! Enjoy these first few can do it!! Just expect to get nothing done!! :-) You'll soon figure out a good's a success when they both sleep or you get to change both diapers at once. haha. Love ya girl!!! So happy for you and Larry.