Monday, March 12, 2012

Full Term!

I made it 37 weeks! Had a Dr. appointment this morning. This pregnancy has been very interesting and similar/different then Max's. My fluid is looking low but still in normal range so that is good and baby looks like a tiny little thing similar to Max's size hopefully. My Dr. says I am almost 100% effaced and dilated to a good 3 :) All those contractions and long walks are paying off. She stripped my membranes and told me if I feel anything unusual or some strong contractions to RUN not walk to the hospital because the head is so low she thinks its going to be a speedy birth similar to Max. I had my usual ultrasound and NST baby sounded good but wasn't moving too much but they think its because he is so low in the birth canal he can't really move a whole lot. Hopefully my body will kick it into high gear and we can have this baby this week! If not then my Dr. said she would schedule an induction for the week of the 26th so I don't end up having the baby in the car. So at least I know 2 weeks from now I will not be pregnant anymore...but I am crossing my fingers that stripping my membranes did the trick and he makes he arrival in a hospital bed this week. For those of you who do not know there is a history of rapid births in my family and being that my first delivery was unusually fast the second can be even more so, like my Dr. said second babies are notorious for being delivered places they should not be for example the car :)

Anyways here I am in all my glory with a full term little baby boy, Max & Larry.
{Notice how Max will not stay still at all}

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  1. Congrats!! you made it!!! so happy for you. I love the look great! i hope that dr. visit did the trick... hang in there!! :-) march is the perfect month to have a baby!!! miss you.