Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Trouble With Kids...

Okay so I am feeling a bit frustrated at the moment with my sweet little Max. The trouble with kids and toddlers in general is that they are always changing. Its a good thing right... learning, developing, its all great. Except when you are standing infront of your child as he is going nuts and are clueless as to who this little monster child is and where he came from. I don't know if the dumb time change has him off his rocker or if he can feel the big change in the air at any moment of the arrival of his little brother. He has been so fussy, hyper, and his amazing sleep schedule is way off right now. I have to keep telling myself its a phase and he will grow past it...or maybe he is teething {those 2yr molars are a killer} so here is some tylenol to make you sleep :) He says NO with way too much sass and has literally turned into a monster at times...I keep looking at him and thinking OH NO have I done this to you? But then he will do something sweet like pat my back or kiss me so who knows toddlers are crazy.

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