Saturday, January 1, 2011

The new Year Begins Poopie...

Today we headed back to San Diego. It was a tearful goodbye at the airport and me taking deep breaths trying to compose myself through security. Later on the plane {totally intrupting Max's nap time} max decided to poop EVERYWHERE. I would have taken a picture but thats gross. Anyways it was up his back and everywhere. Have you ever tried changing a diaper on a plane in that tiny little bathroom, what a joke. Plus being the best mom ever I forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes. So yes my baby sat half naked with just his diaper on the rest of the plain ride and as we carried him through the airport. Great looks I got from passer buyers. To top it off the boy was beyond tired and screamed bloody murder cries the last 30 minutes of the flight. We tried everything even let him lick a life saver but his ears were hurting and he didn't want to suck anything and he was tired hence the melt down. Needless to say Southwest was glad to say goodbye.

So is this a sign of what this year might be? I pray not...really we don't need anymore law school and bills and being poor is already more then one emotional mom can handle.

Continue on to New Years Eve. We had a great time at a party {We actually went somewhere} My parents watched Max and we went out to dinner, dance, live band, was so great. We were probably the youngest couple there and my old young women's leader was there...but that's how we roll these days.

Here is Larry and I in all our glory.

I am missing EDH and my parents and my house and my beloved sister-in-law but we will be back better believe it. Max misses being around people constantly. He keeps looking at me like saying...where is everyone its just you and me? Haha

Hope everyone had a great night and a better start to the year!


  1. Oh AnnMarie! I laughed when I read this post because the exact same thing happened to me! I had Spencer in just his diaper in the airport walking around and got funny looks too! Keep up the good work you are doing as a "single parent"; it must be tough and I admire you for it!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun. You spent a lot of time there. Go check out the La Jolla/Birch aquarium. It's awesome.

  3. In my youth I was involved in a lot of theater projects, and the popular saying was something along the line of "a bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night." So, your crummy first day of the year just means the REST of the year will be fabulous! If you want to feel better about the whole naked baby in the airport thing, remind me to tell you about Cam and the museum vomit story.

  4. mine has been poopie too! Everyone is my inlaws house has gotten sick including max who has pooped through his clothes 3 times (once in our bed!). so gross.