Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Confession of the day: I am not liking my life right now. Does anyone else every feel this way? When you feel like you can't go another day and you keep thinking where did I go wrong? I am having on of those weeks and it is only wednsday! I think its because school has started again for Larry and we are back to the bugdet ,coupon, eat as much spaghetti, ramen noddles as you can don't waste a Pennie mode, which I HATE!

Don't get me wrong I am all for frugality and living with in your means...but that is just it we have no means so I am dutifully trying to not remind myself of the large debt that continues to grow or the fact that I can't buy anything unless it is essential, but some days its just hard to not dwell on.

I mean are we ever going to get a house or be done with school? I get discrougaed because it feels like the only way people get what they want in life is if they have 2 incomes. Its sad but I think I am coming to the reality that it is true. I can work, I have a great skill, But I am choosing to stay at home and raise baby Max...but man it is tempting to stick him in daycare forever only have one kid and have 2 incomes...ahh that is Satan in my head.

Anyway this is me tying to justify my life choices that at the moment I am struggling with. To not work or to work is a constant battle and conversation in our home. Larry thinks I should do what I want but I am undecided at the moment. How does everyone else get buy?

Hopefully this panic attack will go away by next week :)

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  1. Jay and I only have a one income family and there are two reasons I feel like we can do this 1) we budget and keep track of EVERYTHING. Before we got married I was seriously the worst shopaholic but now that I have to think about what part of our budget things have to come out of I don't spend as much money (my parents can hardly believe how good I am with money now). I also feel like because we know where everything is we are able to spend more on what we really want because we are able to save better. And 2) we pay our tithing, it is amazing how Heavenly Father will stretch what you have so that you can afford the things you need. I truly feel like it is only because of these things that I will be able to continue to stay home when our little guy comes.

    Although I will say that every family's situation is different so I would pray about it and trust what you feel like you should do, and don't let others pressure you or make you feel bad for your choice.