Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the day starts:

It was one of those mornings when your laying in your nice warm bed after an up and down night with the baby and you are feeling pms-ish but who knows when your period is coming because after a baby your still messed up even 7 months later. And yes in the morning he is sleeping next to you his legs kicking your ribs and your almost falling off the bed because he and your husband are taking up the rest.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later your moving the sleeping baby into his car seat because you only have one car and your husband has to be taken to school and the freeway is jammed and you know he is panicking because its his criminal law class that he sits in the front row and cannot be late.

You drop him off somewhere close to the building where his friends probably can't get a glimpse of you because you haven't brushed your hair and your wearing your glasses and the baby is screaming because he should be back in that warm bed with you. Then you make it back home baby is sleeping in car seat so you deiced to lay back down and 3 seconds later once your warm and cozy the baby cries...he is ready to be up for the day.

It is one of those mornings.

Goals of the week:
Grocery Shop
Oil Change, wheels rotated
Visit friend for her b-day {belated}
Get primary subs
do tons of laundry @ the laundry mat--No fun :)

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  1. i can honestly say i have had many of those days. this post made me laugh and want to cry at the same time. :)