Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Schedule

My upcoming week is busy:

I will be thrift store shopping this week looking for frames, books, baby clothes, fabric. I have a play date, I will be making this, and this for dinner sometime. I will make out with the Mr. and kiss the chubby cheeks of the baby. I will try to stay away from Target, and find somewhere yummy to eat for date night and plan my valentines ideas for the husband. Any ideas out there that are budget friendly and you don't need a babysitter? I also will be watching a new Bones and doing some laundry which is always fun with a 7 month old and lastly kissing the Mr. some more.

I have an exciting life.


  1. My idea is I'm going to make a story book "Love Story" of how we met. I'm just going to use scrapbook paper I already have and then use pictures that I have already or get a few printed. Pretty cheap!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! We need to hang out... we never mind if a baby comes along!

    We're using a gift certificate we have for a hotel stay for V-day ... we went there for our anniversary and had a bad time, so they gave us a complimentary stay. So hopefully we aren't getting ourselves into more trouble!