Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 months

Max J. Harris is

7 months old

I'm dying because my sweet 5 pounder baby is now almost 20 pounds and not so much of a baby anymore...kinda

I love to see him grow and develop but a little piece of my is heart broken because he isn't so small and sleepy and cuddly anymore...I feel like I am losing a baby and gaining a toddler...irrational I know. Larry says I'm crazy.

Anyways Max is developing beautifully says the Dr. He sits up, scoots, puts everything in his mouth, grabs everything and has a tight little grip! He sits in a high chair and only wants what your eating. He has two beautiful bottom front teeth. He loves to sit up and play with toys and chew on pacifiers. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and has a soft spot in his heart for his dad. Larry can get him to laugh like no other! Seriously his laugh is the best part of my day. He is ticklish in his chubby thighs and when you blow on the bottom of his feet. I love him smile, lets face it I'm madly in love him.

He can roll from one side of the room to the just takes him about 20 minutes. He knows how to make farting noises during the sacrament and screams for no reason and loves pulling my hair. He is a busybody and sits only when he is barricaded or surrounded by toys. He laughs a lot and still loves his baths and car rides. Some days he cries a lot and refuses to take his morning nap but for the most part he takes 2 very long naps that are most appreciated.

Some days it feels like its been so long and other days I can't believe its already 7 months and we are looking towards his first birthday. It makes me sad because the baby year goes so fast and I don't want to forget sweet moments we have together.

n NMD,C./., MKJHV { mAX saying hello as he sits on my lap}

I know it is great he is growing, that is what he is suppose to do, but I'm sure all you mom's know how hard it is to see your baby become a moving little human. Anyways I am so grateful he is mine for this Short time on earth. Seriously Heavenly Father you sent me a good one. Thanks for letting me be is mom.

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  1. He is such a big boy. He probably weighs the same as Ruby! I love chunky babies. :) Sounds like your loving being a mom. I love you!!