Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolute 2011

So we are only into day 6 of the new year so I figured I would document my resolutions of the year. In all reality I have like a million resolutions that differ day to day and I give up on then try again. That is the journey right?

Well these are a few that I want to stick to for at least 6 months

1. Eat a salad once a day.
2. Drink less diet coke..? haha I can Do this!
3. Cook a new receipt once a week.
4. Go to Target only ONCE a month and only BUY what I need.
5. Take Max on a walk 4 times a week.
6.Complain less about living in San Diego.
7. Fulfill my calling above and beyond.
8. Attend the temple once a month...bite the bullet and get a babysitter.
9.Only eat out on date night.
10. Do a good dead once a week.

I need to recognize the things I am good at and do other things better. I hope my sewing skills get better and I can become a better mom and wife. I want to get less frustrated with our life situation and to remember that things are only temporary and to count my blessings.

Will do an inventory in a month and see how its going!


  1. these are good goals. good deeds and cooking new recipes are awesome things.. let me know what the recipes are b/c we are looking for some new ones as well. :)

  2. haha let me know how the doing good dead goes... as for the eating out--i think i may have to adopt that one too!

  3. I will babysit! :) I like your goal about going for a walk 4 times a week. I think I will adopt the same goal.