Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet baby love

The other day I had an experience that made me realize how thankful I am to have Max. After talking to this person for awhile I realized that I would not give up max for traveling, money, eating out more or anyother experience that requires you to be childless.

Seriously It really did hit me as I was washing the dishes listening to him play on the could someone put off having one of these for worldly reasons? It was a tender mercy as nothing in our life seems to be in our control at the moment and I am so done being in student mode I am overwhelming thankful we had him when we did even though its tough and everyday can be challenging, boring, or the kind of day you eat ice cream for lunch because its been one of those mornings.

He is amazing and how can your heart not melt when he gives you the smile and you see his 2 bottom teeth poking out? Having this revelation was just what I needed, really I feel better at the moment and confident in the choices we have made and know we will meet our goals that we've made.

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  1. best post ever. thanks for sharing AM. i loved it. =]