Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in Denial

I'm feeling the blues today. I have been dreading this week for awhile now...I have to return to SanDiego on Saturday morning. I will cry for a couple days probably then suck it up and get on with life. I have been at my parents for 6 weeks and it has been just what I needed. I got a lot of help from my mom and a lot of encouragement from my dad and sister-in-law Carlene. I know most of you think...really how can you not like where you live? Sunshine..beach...well I know its just H-A-R-D. I'm a single parent most of the week and by the end of the day I am deflated and ready for a change. Hopefully the weeks will go by fast and a bit smoother with cooler weather {In my prayers daily}

So Long El Dorado Hills...for now! I've found us the perfect house to move into in 2 years haha I will be back sooner then later. I Love being home, I'm a home body and its tough for me to a drag my feet literally to the car {Larry as my witness} This time I will try to be a big girl and not ball my eyes out on the plane ride..It's been a great 6 weeks. At one point I forgot I lived there...literally.

I can do this! That's what my mom keeps saying. I didn't know how hard it would be to be a law school wife and to not work or go to school its a HUGE change for me and I'm trying to figure out my place in life again post student.

Happy Eve of New Years Eve.

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  1. TOTALLY understand! Home is where your heart is, and hearts are usually with the people we love the most, our families and friends. Let's hang out this week!