Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and Such

So I know its the 28th and most people are christmas'ed out, but our tree is still up so its still holiday spirity around here. We had alot of fun hanging out with Foell cousins and Martin Cousins. Lots of food, talking to John, talking in general, movie watching and sleeping. We went to Old Sacramento to a light show one night, has a long section at the temple, had Christmas eve dinner then went to UC Davis Med center to wrap presents for sick children, played cards, opened presents it was great fun. I still never got a great family picture of the three of us, but oh such is life we will try again next year, maybe I will be skinnier and not have as many chins :) Hope everyone had a great weekend.

P.S. Max has two teeth!


  1. I LOVE IT!! I'm not christmas-ed out... i love all of these pics. especially the funny one of max in the wrapping paper looking straight up at you! it's great. I'm so glad i got to see you this break and hold max for like 10 minutes... it was awesome. Is that a photobook of max in the corner of the last picture? where did you order it from?? Let's talk. love you ann marie!

  2. I love Max. He is so darn cute. I missed Christmas this year. You know with not having any of our stuff, has been hard.