Friday, December 10, 2010

Relaxing in the 95762

So I have been hiding up at my parents house for the last 3 weeks almost while Larry has been studying 16 plus hour days at the law school. Max and I have been hanging out, sewing, cleaning, cooking, shopping [I wish] and enjoying the space of being in a house. It is so nice to spread out after being confined to my 735 sq foot apartment chained to a nap schedule I go nuts. To be honest I am a bit depressed knowing I have to go back to the mundane day to day of our life in SD. Driving Larry back and forth to school and praying we won't get a heat wave again.

Lets not talk about that anymore. It is depressing.

Anyway we are enjoying our time. Grandma Harris came to visit for AJ Martins blessing and we did lots of fun things and long hours of shopping and talking. We also have been listening to lots of Harry Potter and Max has been eating lots of solids these days and "talking" up a storm.

We are excited for cousins to come visit and for Larry to be done with all his finals. He takes his first one tomorrow morning, we are praying hard for him, and know he will do great!

There is not to much to blog about other then that...very boring these days :) Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the holidays. Here is some cute pictures of max.


  1. i love it! i can't wait to see you guys! 22nd can't come soon enough! love ya!

  2. cuuuuuuute boy! Love that smile!

  3. Such cute pictures Annmarie! Good luck with everything. I think you're right about it being depressing being cooped up with a baby all day and a slave to a nap schedule. I think staying at home with the kid is way harder than it looks-although my husband doesn't agree...I miss you lots and hope you get a chance to visit sometime!