Thursday, April 19, 2012

This Day In History...

5 long years ago today Larry got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times it feels so long ago. We have 2 kids now and have been through so much together its amazing how time really does fly. I remember bursting with happiness and not being able to stop smiling after we got engaged. I love him more then I did 5 years ago and I have a better appreciation and understanding of what it means to be eternal companions. I can't say that every day or month or even year has been blissful happiness but thats real and we have eternity to figure out how to have a blissful marriage.

Also today my very favorite toddler turned 22 months old! Max is amazing and I feel an overwhelming out pouring of love for him, even on the days he frustrates me. He makes me laugh, cry, and scream and every night I pray for him and his sweet little spirt that I am trying my hardest to take care of. He has changed so much in just one month. He talks so much now and a lot of it I can understand. He loves to kiss people and some of his new words are nice, gross, more, please, baby noah, and david (dave). He is still obsessed with balls and knows where all the basketball hoops are. When we go on our walks he can spot them on every house and says ball every time he sees one. He loves his baby noah and gives him kisses whenever he can. Every time the phone rings he thinks its his dad calling and wants to talk to him. He runs to the front door whenever he hears it open, greeting whomever is there. He loves his grandpa and grandma and will go everywhere with them and cries when he gets left behind. He loves playing with his cousins and jumping in his trampoline. I could go on and on about Max he really is the light of my life!

The last thing that happend today is that my sweet new love Noah is 3 entire weeks old now! He is so sweet and innocent and I am loving having a new baby around again. He is nursing great, sleeping great, and once he has a full tummy he is happy as can be. He is really alert throughout the day and is happy sitting in his swing watching Max run around or being held by anyone that is around. He can hold his head up pretty well already and makes the funniest faces when he is gassy. He still has his new baby smell but I think he is getting so big but its just me I am sure. I love to hold him and hold his small tiny hand with his long fingers. I never knew I could feel so much love for so many boys in my life:)

Things are busy and feel crazy yet I don't do anything but take care of my family every day its pretty great  most of the time :) Some days I know I have accomplished nothing except kept my kids alive and happy. Other days I feel like I don't do anything for myself, only for others and I throw myself a pity party. I have my ups and downs and I know thats normal but at least today I know things are always changing and we can celebrate the small things like engagement aniversaries and by ever growing boys!

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