Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Noahs First Week Home

The first week of having Noah home went pretty smooth but only because my mom was home to help all week long! Having 2 kids is tricky especially when you have one boy who wants to eat all the time, and another boy who wants to constantly play and get into everything. I know things will come naturally over time and that these first few weeks are so precious and fly by so I need to soak in all the newborn goodness before he gets big! I keep telling Larry I am so sad this doesn't last forever.Overall though its been so sweet to have a new baby in the house. He is so tiny and perfect I can't say it enough. We even ventured out on a walk in the double stroller one day and both boys did great!

Noah has been eating really well and sleeps really well too, so I have been feeling really good during the day. The hardest part is that he nurses for a long time during the day so I feel trapped on the couch while Max runs wild. Max has been doing really great though as a big brother. He doesn't really care much that I am not giving him constant attention and he loves to give Noah kisses constantly. Max is kinda up in Noahs business when we change diapers but he is good help at throwing them out. We are teaching him that he doesn't need to rip off Noahs hat every time he wants to kiss his head and that mouth kisses are a no no. For the most part he seems totally fine with the baby and he knows who Noah is and that he is his baby. When I ask him where his baby Noah is he always runs to him and pats him, it melts my heart.

I feel so blessed to have 2 healthy little boys who will be keeping me very busy for the rest of my life :) I really do feel so grateful that I can stay home with them day after day even though sometimes it feels like the day might never end. Some days Larry leaves the house when both babies are crying and comes home 8-12 hours later to them both crying but he knows I am trying my best to be a good mom to both of them. Here is some pictures of Noah and Max during our first week as a family of 4! 

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