Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taking A Little Sunday Stroll.

How cute our my boys? We didn't do much on easter because of the new baby but we were able to get out and start walking again in this awesome stroller. I love being able to get out and this makes my life so much easier! How cute are they together, I am so in love. I have to make a comment as well that I really could not be doing this without my amazing mom. She is always here helping me with everything. She takes care of Max so I can nurse Noah and continues to encourage me and tell me I am doing great with 2 kids which is good to hear sometimes. I was overwhelmed for awhile thinking how I could manage 2 kids that were close together but now with my moms help I have been able to enjoy them both and forget about the cooking and cleaning for a little while. Thanks mom your the best! And Happy Easter to everyone, hope your day was sunny, special and centered around the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

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