Sunday, April 15, 2012

Breastfeeding Might Kill Me.

After doing nothing but nursing my baby for over 2 weeks now I am on the brink of exhaustion. I do nothing but sit and let him eat, eat, and then eat some more. Typically then he will fuss for a good hour until I give in and give him either pumped breast milk or the dreaded formula. I am pumping, nursing, and even drinking this gross mothers milk tea so I can produce enough for this child. I am above and beyond frustrated after sitting and nursing for an hour and he still ends up eating about 2 ounces of formula...seriously baby your killing me, and sucking the life out of me.

Natural, beautiful?? I think NOT. I only breastfed Max for a few short weeks because he up right refused and after many tearful and painful weeks I gave up because life was to short to cry over milk issues right? This time Noah who is a good nurser is out of control with his appetite. If I am not feeding him I am thinking about it and even dreaming about breastfeeding. Its all consuming and my days are blurring. The other day Max spilt some of my pumped breast-milk...who ever said don't cry over spilt milk never pumped and breastfeed a growing baby. Every drop counts.

I think documenting these important thoughts is pretty important for my future references. I know one day many years from now when all my babies are grown I will look back and read these posts and laugh about the craziness of raising kids and the sacrifices and many tears that were shed from both me and babies. I love having a sweet newborn but its only a short phase and today after long feedings and lots of bloody murder shrills from Noah I realize its a good thing these little humans don't stay little for forever!

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