Friday, June 28, 2013

Clothing Optional..

My kids kinda have a problem. They love to be naked. We have a very laze-fair parenting style when it comes to little boys in the backyard being naked. My policy is they are little it isn't hurting anyone and by the end of a hot day I would want to take off my clothes too if I could. These boys spend the better half of the day outside in the back playing with water. Filing up buckets, dumping them out, playing with water toys you name it they are doing it, and usually half naked or fully like Max. We have nudists and I kinda love it. I sit and watch and let them play. They can only be naked and free like this for so many years until it because socially unacceptable so for now it flies. So if you come by our house in the late afternoon after naps and before dinner this is what you'll find. 


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