Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Max Harris At 3 Years Old!

Max Harris at his 3 year old check up 
Weight: 28 pounds
Length: 34.5 inches

Happy Birthday to my favorite 3 year old!! I can't believe that I gave birth to this beautiful little boy 3 years ago. So much has changed for us, our lives use to be so carefree with only school to really worry about, now there is still school but our entire world is revolved around this guy and his brother! What a blessing he has been to my life. I love him more then words can adequately describe, It's a mothers love that I truly only think parents can understand. Here are some of my favorite things about Max!....
  • Loves being a big brother
  • Loves the color blue
  • Is obsessed with garbage trucks and tractors, really any big piece of machinery 
  • Super predictable..not really flexible but I try my hardest to meet all his needs 
  • Is a picky eater--something I dislike but will eat from his little snack box good
  • Loves going on walks in the stroller! 
  • Will play outside for hours at a time
  • Includes Noah in everything 
  • Every morning without fail we go outside to see the garage man come get out trash and we sit and wave as he gathers all the garbage in the court
  • Would watch a construction sight like it was a TV show
  • Loves Super Why, and this new show Paw Patrol 
  • Loves toys and would play in a toy isle at Target for hours if I let him
  • Thinks his grandpa and grandma are the best people to live with 
  • Loves his baby blanket still, goes everywhere with us
  • Still takes a bottle at night, we are having a hard time giving that one up! 
  • Loves being around other kids especially his cousins
  • Loves going to the park even if we go every day he is still excited to go again 
  • Still hates and is deathly scared of dogs 
  • Favorite food  Cheetos, or chicken nuggets
  • Hates chocolate
  • Loves ice cream!! 
  • Has an amazing memory for things, I can't believe the detail of things he will remember 
  • Still sleeps in his crib and takes one afternoon nap a day, sometimes he wants to sleep in the big bed in his room but only if your with him  
Max is such a great kid. He can be hard, and is still growing and figuring out things. He isn't flexible once we have done something one way, in his mind that is the way it should be done forever. He is funny and has the best smile and bright blue eyes! I love being his mother and have learned a lot of patients and have had to dig deep inside sometimes during the tantrums and meltdowns that will happen. I know though he is getting better at things like walking on grass or sticky hands so there is hope! 

Happy Birthday my dearest Max. I love you so much. I love your sweet smile that is slow to come sometimes. You are shy and tender hearted but also starting to get a big confident in different things. You are so smart and I can't wait to see what you do in the next few years! We love you so very much and appreciate your patients with us, sometimes being the first kid is hard, we are trying everything out on you, but you've been awesome and we love you more then you know!  

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