Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Noah's New Cheese Face.

They are a little blurry because he moves so much but every time I say smile he squints his eyes and opens his mouth real big...look at all those teeth!! This boy is full of energy and very naughty but in a cute sometimes hard to discipline way. Oh boy he is going to be a handful now that he is one the move. He runs everywhere and climbs onto everything. He doesn't let me get much done most days because I am busy cleaning up the mess that he just made. He still sleeps in the pack in play in my parents closet and loves his pacifier. Sometimes it is hard to get a shot of him without it in his mouth, but also it keeps us safe from his biting! We are working on that and hope it is a phase, but with a big mouth full of teeth I can't really blame him. 

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