Thursday, June 6, 2013

Biker Babe Noah.

This kid is killin it in his one piece bathing suit. He is in such a funny stage and his personality is starting to really shine through. He is naughty and he knows it and thinks it is so funny. He is playful and could careless that I am trying to teach him what is right and wrong. He wants to do what Noah wants to do. He has been named the devil child. Look at the devilish smile and good looks?? Really who could pull that off? Only a naughty little devil boy!  Please be kind to me Noah, your mom can only take so much mischief and damage. He loves to just pull everything out of anything and make a mess. He smiles his big toothy grin and thinks all is right in his world. Oh boy he is just getting started and entering a very long and difficult stage of babyhood and toddler hood. Heaven help me I have a devil baby on the loose! 

Also his new blue jelly sandals might be the best things every made. Stuffed into this little fat feet! Oh he is just too cute. 

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