Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List....

  • Max learn how to swim with floaties 
  • Play at every splash pad at least once
  • Hit a few movies 
  • Hit the lake at least once a week or the river 
  • Paint inside of the house 
  • Through a rocking Party for Max! 
  • Eat our weight in watermelon and popsicles 
  • Spend lots of time with friends
  • Have a few BBQ's at the park 
  • Go to the Library once a week
  • Check out wacky tacky 
  • Date night?! 
  • Learn how to grill pizza
  • CSD pool 
  • Yard sale awesome things :) 
  • No sunburns! 
  • Get TAN!! ;) 
  • Swim as much as possible! 

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