Friday, June 7, 2013

Watermelon Love!

You know it is summer when the watermelon makes it's debut. Max loves himself some of it, can't you tell? He is a picky eater, but man when he likes something he goes full force. I let him eat it whenever and mainly outside because it gets pretty sticky and messy if its nice and juicy. 
Noah is just getting the hang of this eating with all those teeth but he is loving feeling like a big boy sitting at the little play table! He is so cute and looking more like a toddler everyday. The more big kid things he does the less baby he is to me. We do think though he is allergic to watermellon slightly because he was covered in big red welts later on his chest. I will still let him eat it as long as they don't bother him because it is hard to say no to something he likes and that face? right?!! Love him and look forward to our summer with him! 

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