Sunday, February 19, 2012

Max at 20 Months:

One word to describe Max is...ACTIVE. This little 20 month old is giving me a run for my money. He is very physical, active, and has some wild moments. He runs, jumps, kicks, hits, throws balls, climbs everything, moves chairs to where he wants then proceeds to climb, gets into everything, laughs a lot, and is very smart. He has to be watched constantly or else he will be dead sooner then we would like. He loves to run outside and could spend hours wandering the backyard. He loves to go on walks, play at the park and go down slides. He recently tried to climb out of his crib and fell pretty hard (hopefully that will detour him form trying again). He loves to throw things, pretty much anything he picks up and he loves pressing buttons and putting his fingers in little holes. Recently he has really gotten into making his little animals go down his slide and wants to take them wherever he goes. He loves curious george and will watch a good 15 minutes straight of that show. He still only says about 6 or 7 clear words but babbles constantly. He likes to scream and change his pitch and he has learned to close and open doors (we are doomed).

He knows to go get me his shoes, the phone, and to get whomever I ask when its dinner time. He is very helpful at unloading the dishwasher dirty or clean, and still loves to hide things places and put things in other things. He can throw his own diapers away and brush his teeth. He loves bubble baths and flushing the toilet when no one is looking. He loves going to nursery and playing with other kids, he really thinks its cool when he sees someone his size. He is a good little eater most of the time and likes to peel tangerines and throw the peel in the trash but not eat it. He can help me weed and sort the recycling cans, but still wants me to wipe his hands when they get dirty.

I feel like he is constantly going through different stages and that he is out to get me. I love being his mom with all the challenges it brings. He behaves so differently for me then others but I know it is normal and to not take offense. I am so happy to stay at home playing with him and cleaning his high chair tray 100 times a day :) I love him so much, and I am excited to see how he acts with the new baby and being a big brother. I can't believe 20 months has really flown by!

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