Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Big Fat 32 Weeker...

I am 32 weeks pregnant and starting to feel this coming to an end...hopefully. Overall this has been a super easy pregnancy. I finally have a belly bump and feel little boy move a bit more. He is not as active as Max was which makes me wonder if my fluid is dropped in the last week or so? I don't have an appointment till yearly next week so we will check then. It will be interesting to see how big this boy is because I am similar size to last time I think (you be the judge) but I am crossing my fingers and praying he is little and I have a smooth delivery like last time. I think sometimes its more nerve racking your second time around because you know how great or awful it can go and its hard not to compare or have similar expectations. I continually pray that it is a smooth happy delivery like Max's, one can only hope. Anyways I am starting to feel a lot more contractions then every before. Nothing consistent but some are very painful and come late at night. Every time a painful one hits I get a bit panicky.

Having an unexpected pregnancy can be hard but its still such a blessing. I need to bite my tongue and be extremely grateful that I have the chance to be a mother and that my body is up for the challenge and willing does what it is made to do. I am getting excited to see what he looks like and what color his eyes will be. Max has big blue eyes which when one does the pundent square (aw biology) he had a 1 in 4 chance of getting those babies so it will be fun to see if we get a brown eyed boy this time. We have a name picked out finally (we think) and its beginning to feel a bit more real. I am trying to get Max to hold his baby doll more and to learn what a hat is which new babies wear and we are enforcing the no bottle rule (except for bedtime) because only babies need those not big brothers.

In reality there is no way to truly prepare a 19 month old for what is in store, but I want him to feel that he is still loved and very important to our family. Its nice to know I will continue to stay home with the boys and just continue to be a mom. So here is to the final couple of weeks. Who knows when this baby will come 5 weeks from now is when I had Max so we will see!
Oh here I am 32 weeks at both pregnancies:
Left Picture Baby #2 and Right Picture Baby Max :)

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