Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'd like to take a moment and...

Thank my dear sweet husband, who never reads this blog but deserves some credit. Recently things have been a bit rough and distant with me mostly due to the uncomfortable state I have reached in my pregnancy. Everyday with out fail this man gets up goes to work, goes to law school, comes home is kind and grateful, and understanding to me and Max. He puts up with a lot of my obsessive tendencies about money and cleanliness and still without fail rarely complains about the huge burden he carries. Law school is ROUGH on families not to even mention the actual students. I am over the top grateful though, that he has chosen a profession that will hopefully gain us some security in life as well as allow me to continue to stay at home raising children. Its nice to see a guy with ambition these days. Don't get me wrong he is not perfect, but after going to school together for almost 5 years and still 2 years ahead of us, he takes it with stride. I have so many friends with husbands who work full time and are pursuing advanced degrees while they stay home and raise children and I know they feel the same way about their spouse. It is a long rough and never ending road but I know 10 years from now we will look back and think how amazing it is we have come so far. Thanks Larry for working those long hours and burning the midnight oil, I don't say it enough but you're pretty amazing even though you leave socks on the ground right next to the laundry hamper.

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