Friday, February 24, 2012

A Look Into My Life:

This is what my backyard looked like before 10 am this morning. It is beautiful here in California 70 degrees and I had to bust out some of Max summer clothes that are a little too big because I buy clearance and I thought he wouldn't be in shorts until he was a 2t...wrong wrong wrong. Oh well its so fun to watch him run wild in the backyard and today he had 2 of his cousins over so they demolished everything pretty quick. I am eagerly awaiting summer when we will put up a Max size pool and buy the little picnic table I have had my eye on. I anticipate many summer mornings with Max running and hopefully a happy sleeping baby in the swing.
These boys just love playing outside. After this we got out buckets of water and stripped them down and did water play. I wished I had snapped some pictures of that. Its so fun and easy to take care of them when they are happy and content. Now I just need to find Max a summer hat and remember to bust out the sun block! Happy Friday Everyone!!

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