Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Two Sides Of Severus Snape {Day 5}

So me and Max are sitting on the couch contemplating this post...what to talk about...there is so much to say, so much I could talk about. I think I want to talk about Severus Snape.

So I feel bad for Snape I mean he is basically dragged through the dirt the entire 7 books and then is redeemed at the end only to have been killed. He is so misjudged and hated, and I personally felt bad that I hated him the entire time.

I think its great that J.K at least let her readers know why he was trusted so much by Dumbledore and she told the story perfectly, I though, through his memory.

I love how Snape was madly in love with Lilly Potter and that is why Dumbledore trusted him so much, not because he swore he was bewitched by Lord Voldermort but because he had loved her for so long, until he died.

I think that is one of the greatest secrets in the book that was revealed at the end. I think there was so many great story lines with each character that interweaves into each book. I love that everyone was hating on Snape and we all got told in the end he was truly good. Poor Harry for hating him so much, he must have felt stupid and bad. I guess though Snape deserved a lot he was grumpy and mean most of the time, as well as trying to always get Harry expelled.

So Snape...I am very sorry to have misjudged you...along with the billions of other readers.

{Snape is in the middle...How funny are these lego figures}

**Stay tuned for tomorrows last day of Harry Potter Appreciation week**

**Happy Birthday to my cousin Natalie also a HP Lover**


  1. Thanks for the Birthday Shoutout! i do love harry potter. and I think i need to start reading them over again.. :) it will be a good time.

  2. p.s. these posts have inspired me. and it's my favorite that snape is good in the end. it was meant to be. :)