Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good wife/mom = Fail

I burnt Sunday dinner *!&#^#&....insert a bad word. It would not be that big of a deal other then the fact that I plan our meals/food to a T, because we are going out of town so I didn't want to have extra food or waste any while we're gone. {I'm poor and stress about every dollar we spend} haha {its true, ask my husband} It looks like we will be breaking the sabbath.

Also a funny note, because Im crazy and don't want to spend any extra money I was not going to buy more diapers until we got up to my parents house...I mean I buy in bulk and I dont want to cart a billion diapers up to the parents in suit cases..right? So I will just buy a new box up, I only have 2 diapers left and we aren't leaving till tomorrow night...AHHHH seriously this is my life right now...rationing diapers and burning perfectly good food...Oh and breaking the sabbath day.

Hope your weekend was great!

We went to the SDSU vs. Utah game at the massive stadium down here. It was poring rain, Max screamed bloody murder every time it got loud...and OH boy it did. There was alcohol everywhere..weird but Utah pulled out a victory leaving some very angry drunk Aztec fans.

Good thing these 2 are in my life

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