Friday, November 5, 2010

A day in the life of AnnMarie

Last night after a horrid afternoon it was 99 degrees and we had to get out of our house. Sometimes I go over to friends houses in the ward and other times I just walk around Target yesterday though Max was SO fussy with his teething and he felt so hot all day we picked up Larry and went to Cheese Cake Factory because we felt sorry for ourselves haha and it was so yummy.

After we went to see Secretariat it was really good and great to sit in a cool place for a couple of hours. We bummed around the mall for awhile then headed home...

disaster hit...

we blew a breaker because it was about 80 in the apartment so we put on fans and BOOM no power, panic hit me both our cells were dying and I lost it, Max lost it, but Larry kept his cool after about an hour we got power again and had a miserable night.

Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve this...please tell me Heavenly Father but as Larry and my mom pointed out its just life and we are living in it....amen!

I know looking back I might laugh at these experiences but man oh man I am counting down the days till we get to go stay at my parents house 2 weeks left!!

Have a great weekend everyone

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