Sunday, November 7, 2010



{its by blog I can say it, over and over again}

my little sweet baby is a monster and I am frazzled. I feel so bad his mouth is all red and swollen and 3 days straight of fussing and crying most of the day and still not one little break through of the gums yet

the best was when he screamed through church and then we had to stay after for a bishop meeting and he cried through the entire meeting...

patients and love right??? that's going to get me through these next couple months..err I mean years...haha

poor baby Max any tips out there blogger mommies?


  1. Justin loved....

    ICE (you have to buy a sack that you can put the ice in for them to suck on. So they don't choke. Find the little fabric sacks with a handle. near the binkys and baby food. at target or walmart. You can also put a baby carrot in it and let them go to town.

    Tylenol every 4 hours. Don't wait for it to wear off.

    Also we really liked the orajel swabs. But the regular jel works too the swabs just make it easier to apply.

    You could try just a cold wet wash cloth. Put it in the fridge for a bit.

    Good Luck! This too will pass!

  2. do you have teething tablets?? I like those and they work great- plus they taste good so he will love them... little pink and blue bottle in most grocery stores or at wholefoods, etc.

  3. I was never good at helping Jocelyn get through the tough teething - she is still going through it! I just need to remind myself that when I am overwhelmed by constant crying or whining that it is most likely due to the teething. It's amazing how much patience I gain back! She never kept anything in her mouth, so she just bears it. Good luck!